Combined antigen test COVID, Influenza and Bronchiolitis adapted to children

antigenic test

COVID-VIRO ALL IN TRIPLEX® is a combined antigenic test for COVID-19, influenza and bronchiolitis virus specifically designed for children, using a nasal sample.


Safe : holder with integrated buffer pod (no risk of ingestion or splashing on the skin or mucous membranes)

Painless : integrated sampling sponge (no risk of perforation of the nasal septum)

Reliable : 99% correlation with the nasopharyngeal PCR test for the COVID* part*

Fast : results in 15 minutes

*A comparative clinical study carried out at the Orléans Regional Hospital showed a 99% correlation between the result of COVID-VIRO ALL IN TRIPLEX® and the RT-PCR laboratory test on nasopharyngeal swabs (June 2021).

Demonstration video

Simplified operating procedure

Instructions for use

Legal Notice

COVID-VIRO ALL IN TRIPLEX® is a test for the detection of COVID-19, Influenza and bronchiolitis virus from a nasal sample. This is a single-use in vitro diagnostic device intended for use by a healthcare professional.
Read the instructions in the package insert carefully. If in doubt about the result, consult your doctor.
Manufactured and distributed by : AAZ-LMB, 43 rue de Bellevue, 92100 Boulogne-Billancourt – France
Page reference : AAZ.AVA.31-A
Date : 28 Octobre 2021